Золотой орнамен

The tenth litter of the kennel

letter "K"


Amber Wolf Bree-Ana


Fantom Vrani Skala

31 December 2016

  On the night of December 30 to December 31, 2016, a wonderful pair of wolves gave the world a little boy. Meet the world of a new member of the wolf pack. I hope that the boy will become a worthy continuer of the traditions of his legendary ancestors. 


       Let's get acquainted with the parents of the boy.       Let's get acquainted with the parents of the boy.        Allow me to introduce my father-hero: Fantom Vrani Skala (at home simply Fantom). The Fantom has a beautiful exterior, rich in wool and a wonderful complaisant character. Among other things, this is a large father. The Fantom came to our cattery from the Czech Republic (Vrani Skala kennel). The boy has a successful exhibition career. Look closely at this boy, is not he handsome?