Pomfavorit Darling Kiss & Piccobellois Heavy Harley ("A")

11 November 2013


mother (Pomfavorit Darling Kiss) 


father (Piccobellois Heavy Harley)

 November 11, 2012 in our kennel were born babies from the long-awaited first pair Kisa (Pomfavorit Darling Kiss) + HARLEY (Piccobellois Heavy Harley). Very exciting event began at 10 am on kisulya refusal to eat, and we have a 22.05 mokrenkaya and squeaking girl weighing 129 grams, the second with a 22.40 weight 149 grams, with a weight of 22.45 boy 80gramm (we almost lost him in the yard), and 23.45 in the last crumb same girl with the weight of 126 grams


 Just wanted to write that girls named Faith, Hope and Love, but the names of our beauties and handsome as follows:

1. Amber Wolf Artemis Lady

2. Amber Wolf Аshen cloud  

3. Amber Wolf Alexis winner

4.Amber Wolf Admiral favorite 


            One, two, three, and BINGO!!     


 Amber Wolf Artemis Lady



 11111111111111111 Amber Wolf Аshen cloud  (girl)11111111111111111111






   Amber Wolf Admiral favorite

  Amber Wolf Alexis winner  (girl)