SECOND LITTER  Pomfavorit Darling Kiss + Piccobellois Heavy Harley (the letter "B")




      March 8, 2014. in the nursery was a joyful and exciting event Kish (Pomfavorit Darling Kiss) gave us the most beautiful in the world Spitz two girls and four boys


Here with our weight Butuz were born into a lovely holiday on March 8.


       Puppies diligently suck mother, and we are slowly select names for our children .    

    Girl number 2 has already found her mom , she goes to Ekaterinburg and there she would have the syringe and the syringe boyfriend girlfriend . The girl is the best mom in the world, and her name is Olya in our kennel wonderful tradition , by a strange coincidence, all our girls leave to mothers named Olga.    

  Name a girl's number 2 Amber Wolf Bonny-jean, and this is the last time we call devchoki baby number 2 , now we have Bonechka . This name has a Scottish origin, in turn, it came to Scotland from France , literally the name means " charming " And our Bonechka most charming adorable ! !   

    Another child found his mother, our boy will go to the great city of St. Petersburg . We hope that he will win it all ring


     18.03.2014 New Mom our boy from St. Petersburg came up with a great name for your boy Amber Wolf Baron Le Grand, in our flock appeared Baron.

   How can our children grow?


Hello everyone, I love you?



     21.03.2014 Puppies eyes opened!

     I'm watching you!




Personal pages of our kids   smileys


Amber Wolf Bertram Вrave




_(boy № 1)  



 Our handsome living in France. Owner SCHWARTZ PEGGY












Amber wolf Barnet noble




_(boy № 1)  



 Our talkative, affectionate boy lives in Tver. Owner Vasilyeva Nadezhda.















Amber Wolf Bree-Ana

_(girl № 1)  




 This little minx has remained in the nursery. Owner Bolshakov Natalia.










Amber wolf Benji rich




_(boy № 1)  
















Amber Wolf Baron Le Grand (  boy № 4) (reserved)




 The boy lives in St. Petersburg. Owner Lapshova Catherine.


















Amber Wolf Bonny-jean

_(girl № 1)  




 Queen live in Ekaterinburg. Owner Mogilev Olga









      That had left our kids. I wish your children a good health, to bring much joy to their owners. Great success at exhibitions and of course not to forget his first mom (ie ME!)