Золотой орнамен


The letter "L"  

Amber Wolf Alesis Winner & Fantom Vrani Skala

March 19, 2017

        March 19, 2017 in our cattery a joyful event happened. Little lumps were born. We have 3 girls and 2 boys. At the moment, babies and women in childbirth feel wonderful.


    Let's get acquainted with the parents of the boy. Allow me to introduce my father-hero: Fantom Vrani Skala (at home simply Fantom). The Fantom has a beautiful exterior, rich in wool and a wonderful complaisant character. Among other things, this is a large father. The Fantom came to our cattery from the Czech Republic (Vrani Skala kennel). The boy has a successful exhibition career. Look closely at this boy, is not he handsome?




Аmber Wolf  Ledi Di  (girl)








Аmber Wolf Leonid Ilyich  (boy)







Аmber Wolf Leonardo   (boy)