Amber Wolf Ornella Muti

   Ornella Muti (Ornella Muti) - the actress of Italian, Spanish and French cinema. The external appearance of the film can only be envied, her youth over the years does not go away, time does not dominate the age of the Italian beauty.

     Francesca Romana Rivelli and her twin sister Claudia were born in the Italian capital on March 9, 1955. Fans of the actress know her under the pseudonym of Ornella Muti. The girl's biography developed successfully thanks to diligence and some happy accidents.

    The father of the girls was born in Naples and was a journalist, a mother from Estonia, she was engaged in sculpture. Mother's parents, grandmother and grandfather of the actress left Russia (St. Petersburg) in 1917. Aristocratic ancestors could not accept the Soviet power established in Russia.      

      In 1980, the audience saw the film "The Taming of the Shrew", it was included in the list of 250 world hits according to the IMDB version.      

     The picture was a stunning success not only in the homeland of the actors, but in many other countries of the world. During the filming of the film, actress Ornella Muti falls in love with the handsome Adriano and he responds with her.     

      That's the kind of beauty that our girl will match.    

       Pedigree of our Ornella: 



19 days








60 days