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   Ostap Bender.

             The great combinator Ostap Bender is the main character of the famous novels of Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov 'Twelve Chairs' and 'The Golden Calf'. Without a doubt, Bender is one of the most vivid characters in Russian literature, each replica of which has long been analyzed for quotations. This is an amazingly charming swindler, clever, subtle and incredibly inventive, a goal whose faith and eternal passion is money. He does not hide his sincere love for money signs, and his whole life is subordinated to their prey. Despite the fact that eventually all his grandiose projects fail, Bender always remains a winner - even with a cut throat, even robbed and caught, as happened with him in the denouement of both novels..

 He calls himself Ostap-Suleiman-Bertha-Maria-Bender-bey, as he introduced himself in the novel 'The Twelve Chairs', and in The Golden Calf he called himself Bender-Transdanubian, although throughout the whole novel he is simply called Ostap Ibrahimovic. The year of Ostap's birth is also ambiguous: in the Twelve Chairs he was 27 years old in 1927, while in The Golden Calf he mentioned that he is 33 years old (the "age of Christ"), the period of action is 1930. So, it can be considered the year of birth of Ostap Bender 1900-th or 1897-th. From the scattered and sometimes contradictory stories of Ostap, which he told various characters in different pages, Ostap's childhood passed either in Mirgorod or in Kherson, and in 1922 he was in Taganskaya prison. And it was after he left prison that he developed his famous '400 relatively fair ways of taking money from the population'. So, having appeared for the first time in the novel 'Twelve Chairs', Bender arrives in Stargorod, where he immediately begins to develop a violent activity. It's funny that many critics immediately saw in the "young man of about twenty-eight" a former convict-recidivist. Indeed, Ostap Bender did not have anything, he did not even have a coat, but at the same time he managed to look like a real dandy and a heartthrob. Charisma Bender literally fascinates the reader from the first appearance - every phrase is a pearl, every decision speaks about a genius. Not surprisingly, he instantly becomes a leader in any society.     

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