Amber Wolf Svyatoslav Igorevich

Svyatoslav Igorevich 

    Prince of Novgorod and Kiev Sviatoslav Igorevich ruled the Russian state from 944 to 972. The ruler is known for his military campaigns and conquests, battles against the Bulgarian state and Byzantium.

     Svyatoslav was the only son of the Kiev prince Igor and Princess Olga, he was born in 942. Prince Igor Rurikovich, according to the chronicle version, was killed in the fall of 945 by the Drevlyans for charging them with an exorbitant tribute. His widow Olga, who became regent with a three-year-old son, went next year with an army to the land of the Drevlyans. The battle was opened by four-year-old Svyatoslav: As it is supposed to the head of state, 4-year-old Svyatoslav begins the battle together with his father's retinue. The young ruler won the battle.

    The first independent action of the young ruler of Great Russia was the expulsion from his land of the bishop and all priests who came with him, invited by Olga for the baptism and Christianization of the state.

     He spent most of his reign in endless battles. Some historians can quite critically speak out to the commander and say that he participated in various foreign policy adventures. But, as the brief biography of Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich shows, the years of government (from 965 to 972) were not in vain. Hiking to the Khazars, as well as to the Bulgarian lands, was able to ensure the Russian state's exit to the Caspian waters. In addition, Kievan Rus gained its own fortification post on the Tamakan Peninsula, and also won recognition as a strong and powerful state.

     This great Prince of Kiev for his short life accomplished many feats and remained in history as a wise and warlike ruler of Ancient Rus.








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