SIXTEENTH LITTLE nursery (Letter "R")

Amber Wolf Dark Pearl


Romanoffkingdom Milan Lord of Italy

January 22, 2018

      January 22, 2018, our little princess Dasha finally decided to make us happy with the new inhabitants of our kennel. But happiness would not be complete if Madame had not figured out what would surprise us so. We gave birth to two boys and one girl, gentlemen, you have ever seen a dog weighing 60 grams, I'll tell you something more. They were not dogs, they were mice, ordinary gray mouse-offs. In general, the total weight of our litter was 205 grams for three:

- 83 gr the first boy (almost a hero),

- 62 grams girl

- 60 g poskrebyysh he is also very strong.

     But kids are a miracle, Dasha, though for the first time, became a mom, very caring and lactic. It's okay, the kids are growing.