Amber Wolf Roksolana



     Information about the origin of Hürrem is scattered and contradictory. In Europe, Hurrem was known as Roksolana.      Roksolana was the daughter of an Orthodox priest from Rogatin (now in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine)     During one of the raids of the Crimean Tatars, the girl was captured and after several resale was presented to the 26-year-old Suleiman, who was then the Crown Prince and who held the public office in Manisa. Once in the harem, Roksolana was named Hurrem. At that time, the girl was about fifteen. In a very short time, Hurrem attracted the attention of the Sultan. The Sultan made Khurrem his favorite concubine. "  Hurrem managed to achieve something that no one had ever tried to achieve before. She officially became Suleiman's wife. The unique position of Hurrem reflected her title - Khaseki, introduced by Suleiman specifically for her. Sultan Suleiman, who spent most of his time in campaigns, received information about the situation in the palace exclusively from Hürrem. The educated woman of her time, Khurem Khasek Sultan received foreign ambassadors, responded to letters from foreign rulers, influential nobles and artists. On her initiative, several mosques, a bathhouse and a madrassa were built in Istanbul.

     And I really liked the series about Hurem. Very colorful and exciting.

          This is the prototype of our beautiful girl.

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