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The letter "H"

Pomfavorit Darling Kiss


Piccobellois Heavy Harley

April 1, 2017



          April 1, 2017 Kisa gave us two children - a boy and a girl. Babies were born as always on time, Kisa is a wonderful mother. There is a lot of milk, my mother is near, what else is needed for happiness to a small spy?

     I think that the father of kids does not need to be introduced. Piccobellois Heavy Harley is a legend of the wolf color, it is the most titled small spitz in the Kaliningrad region. In his coin box, such prestigious titles as the title "Champion of Germany", "Champion of Poland", Champion of Austria "," Champion of Czechia ", Champion of Slovakia, in general, to list all our titles, Harley has the title" InterChampion. "His mother from distant Germany can Be proud of your son.


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 Amber Wolf Marilyn Monroe  (Girl )









Amber Wolf Nelson Horatio  (boy)