Золотой орнамен


The letter "M"

Amber Wolf Valere Queen


RomanoffKingdom Milan Lord of Italy

March 26, 2017


     March 27, 2017 in our cattery replenishment. A wonderful couple had wonderful children, two little girls and one boy. Lerochka clever at its tiny size, the girl coped well with the role of the mother in childbirth.            

Let's get acquainted with the parents of the boy. Our father Milan, a native of the United States, handsome man in the prime of life. Participant of numerous exhibitions, Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Poland, Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF, Champion of Latvia, Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Estonia, Champion of Baltic countries, Champion of Belarus, Grand Champion of Belarus, Champion of Germany, Junior Champion of Poland, Candidate for Champions of Austria.      

     Pay attention to the pedigree of our father.


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картинки с надписями для гостевых


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  Amber Wolf Marilyn Monroe  (Girl ) 







 Amber Wolf Milady Winter  (Girl ) 







Amber Wolf Max Otto fon Stirlitz   (boy)