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    •      Piccobellois Heavy Harley (champion class)

      Дата 13.10.2013г.

place of the : Gorzów Wielkopolski(Польша)

Gorzow Wielkopolski , is located in the region of Lubusz Province . The city's population according to the last census of 124,430 people. The name of the city before 1945 - Landsberg Warta (Germany ) Gorzow Wielkopolski (the capital of the Lubusz Voivodship ) is located on the old trade route that connected the capital of Poland with Western European states. In the Middle Ages the land occupied territory on both sides of the Oder , and the name she received from the city Lubos . As expected, the main attraction is the ancient Gorzow Cathedral. Nearby you can visit the historical museum, which is located in a historic building , and in the palace you can see the art gallery Gorzow . At 50 kilometers from the old town is Gorzow Mendzyzhech , which are visited by fans of Polish history . This is a border town that is often passed from hand to hand. Once the troops stormed the city of Boleslaw Krivoustogo , then the city was besieged army of Frederick Barbarosa , which was torn to the heart of Poland , sweeping away everything in its path . In the 16th century the city was again destroyed the Germans . In the time of the partition of Poland Mendzyzhech became part of Prussia. The city lived a lot of Germans , so when the King of Prussia arrived to take the oath of the townspeople , he was given a red carpet , even a triumphal arch built for the occasion. After Napoleon created the Duchy of Warsaw , many Germans left the city and returned to Prussia . Mendzyzhech never lost its military significance. Before the outbreak of the Second World War, the Germans staged here fortified area . It was the second -largest fortification in Europe , covering 7,000 square kilometers. Even before the war, it was built about a hundred military installations. The system of underground tunnels stretched for several tens of kilometers and connects the fortress , which were able to withstand even shelling out the big guns . Another attraction - a nature reserve bats. After the war, they took possession of the premises and now abandoned underground pillboxes winters to 30,000 mammals. The city has a monument to the Gypsy poet and Popusoi monument to Adam Mickiewicz (the great Polish poet of the Romantic era ) during the Euro -2008 fans turned the city Mickiewicz monument in his campaign under the motto : " In Poland, even monuments are fans of ours! ". During the Games the figure of the poet was wearing a t-shirt color of the national team of Poland national football team.  In the city of Gorzow Wielkopolski buried Hero of the Soviet Union Pavel Konovalov ( a native of the city of Astrakhan ( Russia ) ) , the fallen hero's death in the village of Stolzenberg (Poland).   

 Our journey will be 1200km



Piccobellois Heavy Harley

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