• Romanoffkingdom Milan Lord of Italy (open class)
  • FANTOM Vrani Skala (baby class)

Date: 28.09.2014g.

Venue: Palace of Culture "MASHINOSTROITEL" st. Senior sergeant Kartashov d. 111, pos. Alexander Kosmodemyanskiy, Kaliningrad, 236013 Organizer: Kaliningrad regional public institutions, associations ZAPADNOROSSIYSKAYA Canine Federation Office: 236023 Kaliningrad, ul. Alyabjeva 34 Phones: 779-719, 79062166228. Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Skype: absolutclub39

EXPERT: Bozinovsky Perot (Macedonia)

Our results: FANTOM Vrani Skala

  • - Evaluation of "very promising"
  • - CW (BABY BOS)
  • - BOB BABY
  • - BEST BABY 4th place


Romanoffkingdom Milan Lord of Italy

  • - EXCELLENT rating
  • - CW
  • - BOS
  • - CAC
  • - Champion of RKF
  • - RFLS    


A little bit about the expert: At a Glance: The doctor of veterinary medicine, a specialist in small animals. He graduated from the University of Belgrade in Yugoslavia in specialty veterinary medicine, there is a post-graduate - a specialty of dogs, a seminar "Fundamentals Kinologia." Judge since 1978. Active participant in the development of the Macedonian dog breeding since 1977. Served many functions in the Kennel Club Skopje. The Secretary-General and President for many years, president of the Commission of Experts, the Examination Committee of the Kennel, Kennel, President of the Assembly from 1993 to 1996. Since the first national exhibition of CAC in 1978, he participated in the organization of many national and international exhibitions of rank CAC-CACIB. Participated in more than 100 world and European congresses, seminars and scientific conferences in more than 30 countries on the subject of animal health and breeding. Author of numerous scientific publications. In 1992 he published his first book in the Republic of Macedonia - "Dog, my friend." Actively writes articles for many dog magazines. In 2002 he was licensed as an FCI judge all breeds. Judged in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, France, Croatia, the Republic of Slovenia, Hungary, Moldova, Russia, Norway and Estonia. In 2007, he participated as a judge at the European show in Zagreb, Croatia. He speaks Serbian, Croatian, English, Bulgarian, Russian and Albanian languages. Dogs: German Shepherd Dog, Macedonian shepherd dog (Sarplaninec)