Member: Piccobellois Heavy Harley           

Date: 16-19.05.2013g.

Venue: Budapest (Hungary)

Catalog 3735

Our achievements:


2. 4th in class (champion class)  



Judge Mr. Elmar Sistermann (Germany)







 Judge: Mr . Elmar Sistermann ( Germany ) . - International Judge FCI / Bvttn ghfdj celbnm V and H bands . First his borzaâ poâvilasʹ in 1971 . Then , at 1974g . Elmar priobretaet suku Russkoi psovoj Borzoi . And at 1976g in his dome poâvlâetsâ first uipet . Kinologičeskuû activities as top breeder in 1988g . Registered the kennel uipetov " Silver arrow " Elmar , his wife Gaby and son Mark to SIH por zanimaûtsâ farming uipetov . Elmar and Mark Tak 'll write a book together about uipetah . Mr. Tak Sistermani will consists in national caucus borzyh birth ( Deutachen Windhundzucht und Rennverbandes - DWZRV ) A VOT What personally Carefully about Danna experts. Impression Ostalos very pleasant , ulybčivyj , attentive , very obaâtelʹnyj . Odnoznačno GREAT attention udelâlosʹ movement , we all long for one of Gona and are sending out of the ring . ATTENTION What ej Harley loved , and our boy from Latvia ( World Champion last years) otstavili in storonku and Gona all ostalʹnyh separately. Nu Dumai Here it is happiness , let go EVEN Vtorye and than do not mess pervy Damn , those concerned with the assessment and Laškov us smotrela . Next More interesnee , all " extra " by Customer EXPERTS sends them out of the ring and ostalis only 4 dogs and we become uvy only 4 , but Nothing This same World Cup , much more dogs pokinuli Tak ring and stood in rasstanovku . No. Nothing will CM 2014 , then 2015 and so on ..




















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