Dog Show "Cup ZRKF 2013" CAC-RKF Kaliningrad 

   List of participants:

  • Piccobellois Heavy Harley (champion class)
  • Pomfavorit Darling Kiss (open lass)
  • Amber Wolf Alexis winner (junior class
  • Romanoffkingdom Milan Lord of Italy (Puppy class)

 Date: 29.09.2013g.

 Locatione: Russian Kaliningrad Stadium ("Pioner")

Our achievements :


Piccobellois Heavy Harley Pomfavorit Darling Kiss
 - excellent  - excellent
 - class winner (champion class)  - open class
 - Best Dog  - class winner 
 - СAC  - Best Female
 - Candidate for champions of RFCC  - CAC
 - BOB  -Candidate for champions of RFCC
 - BEST 5 of 3rd place  

 - couple competition 3rd place

 Catalog 122

Catalog 126


Amber Wolf Alexis winner                         Romanoffkingdom Milan Lord of Italy
 -excellent.  - Assessment of very promising
 -Junior Class  - Puppy class
 - class winner -  class winner 
 - Best junior  - Best pappy
 - JCAC  - Best Puppy in Show (BEST puppies 1st)
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 Expert: Kosarevа Olga  known oldraunder (FCI judge with the right to judge all breeds of dogs)    

   Became the founder of the National Greyhound Club and for a time was his supervisor.

     A good, experienced, friendly expert. (Please put on Spitz Kosarev!!)




















  EXPERT Kharatishvili Nina G. International expert FCI, with the

right to judge all breeds of dogs.    

  Prizident Club " Uipet ," tribalchairman RKF Commission on the

exterior .      The owner of the

kennel "Warm Wind" , is engaged in rock uipet since 1988 .

I think we will have to judge this particular expert

    Let's see what kind of information about the expert gives us the all-knowing internet.

 1In the Internet there are good reviews but mostly negative.

They write that the rough, inhospitable, and most

importantly, what is a man of moods, like the lottery - you

never know kaoy you roll room - happy or not. They write

that if in the mood, you will judge adequately. Let's hope

no one young lady will not spoil the mood before our




 description Piccobellois Heavy Harley: 

 description Pomfavorit Darling Kiss :

 description Amber Wolf Alexis winner





 Notes about the exhibition :

     To say that I was shaking and scared , it does not say , having read " positive " reviews from wool which is our expert on end about , I had a burning desire to never go to this exhibition . How are you anyway, and the preparation of ring- I have an alcove and Milan in a bad way . The teeth show through again in the ring are jumping like mountain goats . A woman Kharatishvili sureznym and such liberties in the ring does not. As always Spitz "lucky" ring assigned to 10.00 , it's a given that I have 4 Gavrik , which need to ring somehow inexplicably put in proper condition after road + put + 2 tent to drink coffee, eat and generally " have a good time " to the ring. 22.30 torrential rain in the evening ! 06.00 in the morning rain , I remind you that the show is scheduled to open air stadium "Pioneer " is waiting for us! DOWNLOAD! Arrived at the scene , and lo! DRY ! That's how we have equipped their " nest ." For their boys and girls I have a separate VIP room , their own personal tent . Very convenient place there is enough dry, children are protected from all sides , a familiar setting.