Canine Russian Federation. The Russian Federation of a service dog. Kaliningrad club of dog DOSSAF Russia. Regional Dog Show CAC "Virgin DOG SHOW" on September 14. 2013. Kaliningrad

   1List of participants:


  • Piccobellois Heavy Harley (champion class)


  • Pomfavorit Darling Kiss (open lass)


  • Amber Wolf Alexis winner (junior class)


  • Romanoffkingdom Milan Lord of Italy (Puppy class))


 Date: 14-15.09.2013g..

Location: Russia Kaliningrad

Our achievements::


Piccobellois Heavy Harley Pomfavorit Darling Kiss
 - score excellent.  - score excellent.
 - СW (champion class)  - CW (open class)
 - Best male  - Best Female
 - САС  - САС
 - A candidate for champions of the RFCC  - A candidate for champions of the RFCC
 - Best of Breed (BOB)  
 - BEST 5 of 3rd place  

 - Couple competition. 4 place

 - Catalog 168

-  Catalog 172


Amber Wolf Alexis winner Romanoffkingdom Milan Lord of Italy
 - removed from the ring (not shown teeth)  - great perspective
 - Junior Class  - puppy Class
 -   - 
 -   - 
 -   - 
- Catalog 170  - Catalog 174



     EXPERT Renata Petkevičienė (Lithuania) I have a feeling that we will have to judge it is this Renata online reviews about her judging I have not found, did not find the same and photos, but according to reports from exhibitions she judges it pomeranian.       Well, here's some photos - which found, not a fountain of course, but still look for it, and if I do not solemnly promise to take a picture of her at the show in person.       Found a good picture, very nice woman. Let's hope she likes pomeranian wolf color.

 That was our long-awaited exhibition . Judge me not like it. Enter it in our black list . Yesterday, the exhibition was held under the slogan "Day of the dentist ." I'll try to articulate exactly what I did not like . The woman is quite nice, not quite smiling, but a lot of dogs , and one expert , it is not scary. That's what's scary , expert personally crawled every dog ​​in the mouth up to the tonsils , at the same time I do not know what the account held my dog ​​, I do not know what kind of infection were present in the previous exhibitors. But if the judge so carefully dripped in the mouth of all the dogs would do well to at least wipe after examination of each dog hand wipes , a feeling that we were in the clinic. A lot of dogs have been removed from the ring , including us , and has not passed this sad fate. Our juniors Al's still not quite wise fighter ring and teeth are very reluctant to show , I can say that we Brylkov raised and teeth bared , but the expert was not enough , she had to open the mouth of a dog and see painters (do not know why ) here my little girl 's mouth is his to lock and shut . We have removed the ring. ALAS ! To the delight of the competitor .      In this exhibition at Spitz has been removed from the ring a record number of dogs. In general we are under the expert is no longer pishemsya EVER.



Expert: Jūratė Butkienė (Lithuania) Jurate Butkiene - international expert FCI c the right to judge all breeds of dogs. Judge for more than 30 years, his first authorization to officiate Jurate Butkiene received in 1984.

     Judged by an international exhibition in Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Malta, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.      Began operations in 1999 a breeder with a Scotch terrier breed, and since then has successfully exhibited their dogs. Has a nursery "Tikras Bildukas"       At various times, Ms. Butkiene bred breeds like German boxer, Saluki, long-haired fox terrier.   

    Expert Reviews of very mixed, from 5 + to 2 - Generally those who know the breed, great judges, but the rest just hard, are left to figure out whether the Spitz to the breeds that she knows. Not happy with the refereeing hosts the following breeds: shar pei, Schnauzer, Australian Shepherd. Satisfied: Cocker Spaniel, Scottish Terrier, French Bulldog.




 Description Piccobellois Heavy Harley:

       Bite rate, a full set of teeth, eyes slightly rounded, pleasant expression rather large head, good chest, excellent front and rear corners, a nice top, a great coat. (BEST)   



Description Pomfavorit Darling Kiss:

       Bite rate, the teeth in the set, a beautiful typical head, well filled muzzle, good ears, neck, would be better angle of the forelimbs. The free movement.



Description Amber Wolf Alexis winner

      The girl was removed from the ring (even cry)  


Description Romanoffkingdom Milan Lord of Italy

      The teeth in the change, typical head, rather large chest, Muzzle, sufficient corners of the front and hind limbs, the free movement of childhood.







 so photos from the exhibition:


- Piccobellois Heavy Harley:



- Amber Wolf Alexis winner

Romanoffkingdom Milan Lord of Italy

     That ended a regular exhibition, which brought a lot of sharp impressions, and let not all of them were positive, but we are glad that there is an opportunity to show the public their favorites. Until we meet at the following events! Do not forget about us and follow our progress!