National Dog Show (rank Champion RKF) Dog Show CAC "Baltic Summer 2013" August 17-18,2013. Kaliningrad 

     List of participants:

  • Piccobellois Heavy Harley (champion class)
  • Pomfavorit Darling Kiss (open klass)

Date: 28.09.2013g.

Locatione: Russian Kaliningrad Stadium ("Pioneer")

Our achievements: 

Piccobellois Heavy Harley Pomfavorit Darling Kiss
 - EXCELLENT rating  - EXCELLENT rating
 - CW (champion class)  - CW (open class)
 - САС  - САС
 - best male  - Best Female
 - champion of RKF  - champion of RKF
 - ВОВ  
 - BEST 5 of 3rd place  

 - Couple competition 2nd place

 Catalog Number 143

 Catalog Number 145


Expert: Begma (Solovyov) Inna V. - international expert RKF-

FCI, has the right to judge the six groups FCI. In dog breeding

at age 14, her first dog was a poodle. Has kennel poodles "From

the shores of Irkutsk," as in the nursery there are

zwergpinschers. On the Internet a lot of reviews about the

refereeing of the expert, there is a positive, there is a negative,

I want to share my personal opinion. The first thing I want to

note that the judge looks traffic, chasing us in the ring for a

few laps. So she bribed me that she loved Kiss (even more than

Harley) is two-thirds, is that on the comparison were my two

dogs, Harley-Best Male, Best Female, Kiss, how can I badly to

say about such an expert. Thank you for rating my Tuzikov! In

conversation she is pleasant and very simpotichnaya. Though

certainly not entirely clear expertise dwarfs.


      Description Piccobellois Heavy Harley: Good style, the backbone. Excellent temperament, quite masculine head, correct strong top, excellent movement.

      Description Pomfavorit Darling Kiss: Strong, slightly loaded complete., Confident female, good hair, expressive head, good movement.  


Small photos from the exhibition