International Dog Show in Sopot (Poland) 10 - 11 August 2013(Międzynarodowa Wystawa Psów

Rasowych (CACIB) International Dog Show)


 List of participants:

  • Piccobellois Heavy Harley (champion class)
  • Pomfavorit Darling Kiss (open class)


Date :10-11 .2013,


the Place: Gdansk (Poland)


Our achievements:

Piccobellois Heavy Harley Pomfavorit Darling Kiss
 - excellent  - 1excellent
 - Class winner (champion class)  - Class winner (open class)
 - САС  - САС
 - Best male,  - Best female
 - ВОВ  
 - BEST 5 of 2nd place  
by catalog number 1178  by catalog number 1181


     Expert : Francesco Cochetti ( Italy) : Judge of world

renown, judging major exhibitions including World Cups

and Championships Evropy.

     Received the title of "expert" in 1993, has the right to

judge the breed 9, 4, 3, 10 groups of FCI., As well as some

dog breeds 2,5 and 8 groups.

      Engaged in teaching activities in these rocks.

the Italian Kennel Club is listed in the specialist breeds of

dog poodle and chihuahua.

Judged in many European countries, Japan, Australia,

America. President of the Kennel Club of Rome.

 Dog: chihuahua, poodle, Russell terrier.

Has a reputation as a specialist in Toyama judge. Very

professional expert, polite, quiet, judging strictly a

nursery Chihuahua, one of the best kennels in the world,

so the breed knows firsthand. She values ​​proportionally built dogs, beautiful movements, smooth, stable topline. Known in Europe and in Russia chihuahua breeder. Strongly engaged by. If anyone does not need anything - will judge adequately.

     I personally liked the fact that the expert appreciates the dog's movement, Respect and honor him! We beat all   competitors! Hurray!




Small travel notes about the exhibition.. 


    Such heroic hardships and difficulties can overcome only dog lovers. The exhibition was held

in the pouring rain, though we

still took solace in the hope that the outlook for the Internet in the form of "short-term

precipitation in the morning" and

"partly cloudy in the afternoon" justify itself. But all the way from Kaliningrad to Gdansk

pouring rain, and even after we are

wet with happiness and joy at the safe arrival, set up tents and a little rest, the rain has not

stopped. Our beautiful dog fur

became very flabby. In general, the organization of the show was not bad, rings held without


  But of course the most striking impression left 5 BEST group, uh ...... We have chosen the very

first, and then we waited with

bated breath the judge's decision, announced here 4 place (phew no 4), then 3 (Class 3, we do

not), and when we were in the

ring and Akita, here is the heart beat and, sorry we are not the first, but Hurray! We are second!


The expert judging BEST 5 of Dagmar Klein (ROM) full name Dagmar Alba Klein - FCI international expert from Romania. In dog breeding at an early age engaged in sporting-dog - obedience (obedience), agility. In the late 90s she became an active member of the Romanian club toy breeds, Serbian Kennel Club and soon after officially became a breeder in the German club toy breeds. Who is the breeder of Papillons and has an official kennel. Has been teaching.



Small photos from the exhibition