National Dog Show in Erfurt (Germany) on 15-16 June 2013.(Internationale Ausstellung Rassehunde Erfurt 15/ und 16/ Juni

2013)(CACIB) International Dog Show)) 


List of participants:

Piccobellois Heavy Harley (champion class)

Date :15-16 June 2013.

Place: Erfurt Germany Our achievements:

Piccobellois Heavy Harley  
 - EXCELLENT rating,  
 - CW (champion class) )  
 - САС  
 - best male,  
 - CACIB,  
 - Best of Breed,  
by catalog number 1201  


1Expert: Mende Zuchtrichter (D): An international

expert FCI c the right to judge a group of 5 dogs.

Expert speaks only in German. Breed specialists.

Nothing else unable to learn the expert judges in


Can someone that knows about this expert, share


Small travel notes about the exhibition.  


 And what I remember about this show ? Enough time has passed and thrills little left. But I want

to say that I love the show in Germany , the organization , in principle, is not very different from the organization of exhibitions in Europe in general (always excellent facilities, large rings , good visiting trade , in general, feel like a man ) But especially want to say about warm relationship between the exhibitors themselves , there is always some sort of home furnishings, all very iendly, smiling . By the way , in contrast to the relationship between the owners of Spitz at us in Russia (maybe somewhere in Russia on the other,but we Kaliningrad particularly warm relations between the parties to show I never watched . All of which is clamped , frowning, as if the show is not a big holiday, and the routine drudgery .    

      Yes, I forgot to tell that the exhibition German club Spitz treated all participants (

shpitsevladeltsev ) delicious pastries , tea, coffee and soft drinks . It was very nice .     

     The exhibition is very much, we were given a chic cups one after CACIB , BOB and for other

interesting medals . To bring happiness to the full.


Small photos from the exhibition