Золотой орнамен

SIXTH LITTER nursery ("E")

FANTOM Vrani Skala and AMBER WOLF BREE-ANA 18 August 2015..


 18 August 2015. In our kennel were born two little boys. These are the first children of our young dog from the Czech Republic Phantom. The boys were born with small weight 90 grams and 100 grams. Striking is very nice and clean color. Volchik turned feast for the eyes.      

Now let's see the pedigree of our brood.



   Dear visitors to my site. Allow me to introduce you to our kids by name.



картинки с надписями для гостевых


 Photo viewer, click on the name of the puppy.




Amber wolf Earl Grey




_(boy № 1)  









Amber wolf Elysee-Prince




_(boy № 2)