Золотой орнамен

EIGHTH LITTER nursery (The letter "Z")



FANTOM Vrani Skala

4 April 2016.


 April 4, 2016, my little girl made happy my whole football team 5 boys and only one girl doll. Well, what to do, the last time in my kennel on a girl born 4 boys, Oh .............................. What is not luck and how to deal with it ?????


  Pedigree of our children::


 We are proud of our father:



    These are the names of our children found:      


  • Amber Wolf Zola


  • Amber Wolf Zum Zum
  • Amber Wolf ZAZA Bright
  • Amber Wolf Zahar Silych
  • Amber Wolf Zlatoust
  • Amber Wolf Zefir Song



картинки с надписями для гостевых

 Amber Wolf Zola  (Девочка ) 















Amber Wolf Zahar Silych   





















Amber Wolf  ZAZA Bright 

















Amber Wolf Zum Zum   




















Amber Wolf Zlatoust 














Amber Wolf Zefir Song