Amber Wolf Artemis Lady, home simply LADY Ledyuha, Ledyushka when growing was the most plump and we called it "our bombs," and increased the smallest in the litter. Has its own particular opinion on any subject, the nature is closer to Harley than to Kise, individualist, if all the puppies are curled up together near the mother, the Lady necessarily have crawled to the opposite corner and will be there to reign. At the age of 5 days to escape from the nest, and we lost her. Fugitive was caught and returned to alert her mother Keys.

Фото № 1 - Леди 1,5 часа, фото № 2  Леди 5 дней, фото № 3 Леди 16 дней

-Фотографии  Amber Wolf Artemis Lady


Our beautiful , clever girl lady found my most favorite mom Olga is very far from the city of Kaliningrad , in the glorious city of Vladivostok. Barnett made ​​the first flight to Moscow ( 2:00 ) and then to Vladivostok ( 9:00 ) . It is very far away! I hope that someday wait its beauty with her parents to visit. I see a girl like that and she will always find free pen for petting , and it's very nice to see the happy eyes of their child. June 16, 2013 Mr. Our girl Amber Wolf Artemis Lady visited as a full member his first exhibition .

Regional Dog Show A Minnikova memory .

Venue: Russian g Arsenyev .

Grade: puppies

Our achievements : Winner of class , very promising , Best Puppy . Description: A pedigree , medium size, right. F, chorus. type , harmonious , matching age, right. head , harmonious movement , the chorus . wool.

Judge: L. Sokolova



Foto Amber Wolf Artemis Lady